Daily Workout - September 8

September 8, 2017

8 minute warm-up row or run


Complete 3x through

  • Kettle Swings 10x

  • Thruster 10x

  • Lunges 10x

  • Lawn Mowers 10 per side

*rest 4 mins*


Complete 3x through

  • Chest press w/ cords 12x

  • Dumbbell bent bver row w/kickbacks 12x

  • Trunk rotations w/ cords 12 per side

  • Standing rows w/ cords

*rest 4 mins*


Complete 3x through

  • Knees to elbows 10x

  • Push -ups 10x

  • Up, Down planks 10x

  • V-ups 10x




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