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Corporate Wellness​

Did you know…

A workplace wellness program can help counteract rising health
care costs that take a significant bite out of corporate profits?

According to Center for Prevention and Health Services, nearly 60% of an employers’ after-tax profits are spent on employee health benefits. And, an estimated 25%-30% of these medical costs are spent on employees with excess health risk (smokers, overweight employees, sedentary workplace culture, etc).

Poor employee health not only costs the company more in health care benefits, but it also affects employee job satisfaction, absenteeism and turnover.

Let the experts at Optimum Fitness help you increase your profits.

Corporate Wellness Classes - Optimum Fitness Omaha

Balance Work and Fitness

Customized programs to meet your
employee's needs:


  • Exercise classes
        (Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, aerobic and
          much more!)

  • Equipment orientation

  • Health incentives and programming

  • Health fair coordination

  • Health promotion and education

Optimum Fitness is an invaluable corporate partner. Our wellness initiatives have been taken to a new level through our work with Optimum Fitness. All of the trainers are experts in their field and all are highly motivating. Sometimes when you work with multiple trainers, employees tend to gravitate towards one or another. That is not the case with Optimum Fitness, our employees receive high levels of service with every trainer and motivation doesn't skip a beat.

Kelly Parr, Wellness and Work/Life Coordinator

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