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Take advantage of cutting edge virtual reality brain training that uses validated science to help athletes improve focus, learn skills faster and boost performance.
NeuroTrainer is the most advanced brain training system that helps high performers get better results.
NeuroTrainer combines virtual reality’s (VR) immersiveness with neuroscience-based tasks and gamifies them so they’re engaging and fun. A few minutes of training with NeuroTrainer triggers neuroplasticity and creates heightened states of performance in students, athletes and anyone who wants to be more focused and “in the zone.” 


NeuroTrainer invigorates the regions of the brain that are responsible for peak performance and learning. By incorporating NeuroTrainer into your warmups (7 minutes or less), you will experience more productive training sessions and games. Use it before any task that requires cognitive alertness and attention for optimal results. 

Warm-up with NeuroTrainer to:

  • Increase focus & alertness, and “Get in the zone”

  • Improve learning & skill acquisition

  • Improve decision making, reaction time, hand-eye coordination and multi-tasking

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