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Senior Services (65+)

Physical independence, increased energy and greater overall health! This is the philosophy of Optimum Fitness. We recognize that every person is different and know from experience that the best fitness programs are designed by communicating with the client and listening to their needs. We will also work closely with your doctor to better understand your overall health and develop a specialized fitness program that will greatly improve your total well-being.

In-Home Personal Training

For your convenience and time, we come to you! Our degreed, certified personal training staff will bring the workout and equipment to you. No need to go to a fitness center, deal with loud music and crowds, or even go out in bad weather. With Optimum Fitness, you get a great workout inside the comfort of your own home.


With your customized in-home personal training, here’s what you can expect:


  • 9 – Point Evaluation – This is where it all starts. Our analysis will help identify areas in need of improvement as well as gauge your current fitness level. A fitness program is then designed based on individual needs.

  • Balance Training – Eliminate unsteadiness, slips and falls by increasing your reaction skills with our stability exercises.

  • Greater Mobility and Reduced Pain – Move your body better through increased stretching of joints and muscles.  Stretching and lengthening muscle is a great way to alleviate nagging muscle pain in your lower back, legs and shoulders.

  • Stop Age-Related Muscle loss – Perform daily activities better and reduce stress by strength training your muscles and joints. This is the secret to regaining some independence you may have lost due to muscle atrophy.

  • No Equipment Necessary – The best part of all, we bring all the tools to you to have a well-rounded workout. No mess, no fuss!

  • Have Fun, Live Well – Not only will the workouts reinvigorate you, improve your mood and outlook on life, but you’ll sleep better too! Our trainers bring a high-energy approach that makes the time fly. It’s enjoyable, productive and best of all great for improving longevity!


In-home Rehabilitative and Post-Operative Therapy

Do you have trouble going up and down stairs, picking up heavy objects or getting up out of chairs because of a limiting injury? Oftentimes, a person has difficulty regaining independence or their self-confidence due to a chronic injury or even after surgery. Let us come to you, and help you get started living life again!


With your In-home therapy program, here’s what you can expect:


  • We’ll Work with Your Doctor – As part of your wellness team, we will communicate directly with your doctor(s) or physical therapists in developing a therapeutic program based on your needs and goals.

  • Rehabilitate – Home is where you spend most of your time. Have things you’d like to get done, but haven’t been able to? We’ll design your rehab exercises based on your desired activities, tailoring exercises that functionally mimic your daily living activities so you can get back to doing what you love.

  • Regain Mobility – We guarantee you will achieve improved flexibility and strength in the injured or post-operative site. Knees, hips, shoulders, back, we’ve seen it all and we want to help you get better.

  • Regain Freedom – Get back to living life and enjoying all the hobbies you miss by working with our professional team of fitness experts.


Corporate Healthy Lifestyle Education

We are never too old to learn. As a matter of fact, the older adult population understands that the key to living an independent and superior quality of life is through proper nutrition and keeping the body strong. Sometimes, folks don’t know where to start, but that’s where Optimum Fitness comes in. We have a series of Senior Wellness lectures on topics such as; How to eat healthy, How to stay physically strong and mentally sharp, and many more.


By implementing our lifestyle education programming, here’s what you can expect:


  • Nutrition Seminars – Learn to stay healthy by eating certain types of foods. How to be a wise shopper and how to plan healthier, easy to prepare meals.

  • Fitness Seminars – Learn how to exercise at home without all that gym equipment. Learn how to exercise at a facility with all that gym equipment.

  • On-Site Fitness Classes – Have a blast exercising in a group setting led by one of our expert trainers. Guaranteed to increase your energy, balance and strength.  Some of our popular classes are; Senior Sneakers, Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and many more.

  • One-to-One Meeting –  Our personalized and private nutrition discussion begins with a one-hour consultation during which time our professionals will assess your dietary needs. We will work with you to create a realistic nutritional plan that takes into account both your physical goals and your lifestyle. In doing so, we create a plan tailored specifically for you. Individual nutrition counseling is ideal for those facing specific dietary needs and/or health issues and provides the education and motivation you need to reach your goals.


Companion Services

Optimum Fitness trainers are experienced in traveling out of town with our clients. We provide many concierge services to help make your journey enjoyable and successful. Whatever your needs are, we’ll be there to assist you not only with driving and appointments but with your personal fitness as well.


With our travel services, here’s what you can expect:


  • Safety First – We will be there for you! We assist with getting onto planes, in and out of cars and with walking.

  • Set Up Home – We make sure you avoid unstable surfaces, improper lighting, and other risk obstacles, while ensuring grab bars, and all other safety measurements are in place.

  • Daily Needs – Let us be responsible for driving, dinner reservations, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and medication pick up.  We can also set up appointments with friends, doctor or business associates.

  • Fun Events – While traveling, we’ll assist in setting up visits with friends, family and any other special functions or events you wish to attend.  Don’t avoid the fun of vacations due to worrying about falling or general safety.

  • Appointments – Whether it be a medical or business associate meetings, we make sure that any out of town appointments runs professionally and smoothly.

  • Exercise Training – We make sure that you stay fit while on the road. After all, that is what we do best!

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