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Yoga - Optimum Fitness Omaha

Ever Considered Yoga?

Did you know yoga:

  • Improves flexibility

  • Lubricates your joints

  • Provides a sense of ease and fluidity

  • Doesn’t require you to twist into a pretzel 


Optimum Fitness offers In home Private Yoga and Pilates Sessions!
A great addition to any workout regiment


Please call our office at (402) 598-5357 to request a private in
home session.
Private appointments may also be held at Optimum Fitness.

We also offer the following Yoga and Pilates classes in your corporate setting:

  • Yoga Fundamentals – Learn and practice the fundamentals of yoga to
    achieve balance, strength and peace of mind.

  • Pilates Mat – Emphasis on strengthening and lengthening muscles, this class
    will focus on core moves involving abdominals and back muscle strength from
    the inside out.

  • PiYo – This class incorporates the teachings of Pilates and Yoga. This class is for EVERYONE – no matter your body type or fitness level.

  • Power Yoga – Power Yoga is rigorous workout that develops strength and flexibility while keeping students moving continuously throughout the class.


Contact Us today for more details!​

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