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Daily Workout - August 11

Warm Up

500m Row

Stations (:30 on, :15 off x 3 rounds each)

Medicine Ball Station

  • Russian Twist

  • Push Up to Thruster

  • Explosive Wall Ball

Barbell Station

  • Grappler Press w/ Olympic Bar

  • Triple Extension Sumo to High Pull

  • Jefferson Lift

Cross Train Station

  • Side Step Over Hurdles to Duck Under Hurdle

  • Ring/Box Jump Overs

  • Side Strike

KB Station

  • Front Lunge to Single Arm Press

  • Push Press w/ Double Arm Press

  • 1/2 Moon Abs

Boxing Station

  • 1,2 Punch on Heavy Bag (Quick Action)

  • Front Kick on Muay Tai Bag

  • Hay Makers on Heavy Bag

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